The rising importance of Artificial Intelligence in global companies

According to the results of Deloitte’s latest AI-survey the implementation and use of Artificial Intelligence in globally active companies gains momentum.

AI as a critical factor for success

The strategic value of Artificial Intelligence across all sectors is undisputed. The Deloitte survey found that on a global perspective half of all respondents rated it “very important”. With regard to German companies the importance of AI even gains momentum (59 percent).

Strategic relevance of AI ©Deloitte
Strategic relevance of AI ©Deloitte

In a future perspective the situation is somewhat different. When asked about the role AI will play in a two-year-period, more than a third of German and 41 percent of worldwide companies confirmed that Artificial Intelligence will be a critical factor for success in the near future.

IT is front-runner for AI

Whether in German or global companies: the IT departments play a front-ranking and decisive role when it comes to the use of Artificial Intelligence. Almost 40 percent of German and just under half of worldwide companies deploy this technology in the IT area.

For IT security the situation is different:  While in Germany only 16 percent rely on AI regards to cyber security about one-fifth of global companies deploy AI for IT security issues.

Fields of application of AI in German companies ©Deloitte
Fields of application of AI in German companies ©Deloitte

In production and in product development as well as in the sales departments, the supply-chain management and logistics Artificial Intelligence still plays a marginal role and its deployment ranges between 11 and 18 percent.

Even less common is the deployment of AI in Human Resources and Marketing (8 percent of German and 7 percent of worldwide companies).

This gap between German and global corporate widens even further when looking at the use of AI in Finance. With 15 percent nearly twice as many global companies trust in Artificial Intelligence compared to only 8 percent of German firms deploying AI in the realm of numbers and profitability.

Cloud-based AI is the first choice

German and global companies that rely on Artificial Intelligence predominantly use cloud-based AI-services. In concrete terms, 55 percent of German and half of worldwide companies obtain the deployed AI-services completely or mainly from external service providers.

Sources of AI supply ©Deloitte
Sources of AI supply ©Deloitte

In this context the “AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS)-approach” is particularly popular. With the purchase of cloud-based AI solutions that adapt seamlessly and are scalable at any time the hurdle of cost intensive in-house development can easily be overcome.

Especially small businesses that neither dispose of necessary specialist nor of the financial means to develop homegrown AI solutions benefit from cloud-based AI services as a cost-effective alternative. Implementing this key technology helps SMEs as well as global players to secure their companies competitive advantages.

Risk management and skills shortage are AI stop blocks

Regardless of the fact that Artificial Intelligence is already widely used and that the implementation of AI solutions is progressing companies still feel exposed to risks when it comes to the application of AI in various departments.

The most predominant concern is the management of risks associated with the deployment of Artificial Intelligence. Almost a third of German and worldwide companies consider this as the main challenge.

Main challenges when implementing AI ©Deloitte
Main challenges when implementing AI ©Deloitte

The increasing lack of skilled specialists also forms a considerable stop block for 27 Percent of German and 23 percent of worldwide firms.

Less than a fifth of German and 22 percent of global companies regard the evidence of a AI-generated added value being problematic.

In practical terms, this means: The majority of AI decision-makers surveyed by Deloitte is convinced that deploying Artificial Intelligence will pay off in the short, medium and long term, despite all potential risks.

AI-Agents @ work

Companies seeking a seamlessly integrable cloud-based and future-proofed AI solution that convinces with security, a good scalability and a high investment protection should definitely meet our AI-Agents.

AI-Agents @ work
AI-Agents @ work

AI-Agents anticipate challenges like skills shortage using all software products at the same level and to the same extent as human personnel does, saving on average 30 percent of costs normally arising from the comparable deployment of human personnel.

Artificial Intelligence is business excellence

Our AI-Agents are available 24/7 and on every day of the year – in every desired quantity, for different timeframes, always service-oriented and immediately applicable. No need for additional programming effort or the costly development of elaborate interfaces as our AI-Agents can seamlessly and quickly be integrated into existing HR programmes and applications.

AI-Agents are always available and immediately applicable.
AI-Agents are always available and immediately applicable

They conscientiously dedicated themselves to repetitive tasks and routine jobs and can clarify up to 80 percent of all issues. This frees up valuable resources and allows HR professionals of flesh and blood to move on to more challenging topics as for example personnel development.

In a word: Artificial Intelligence has effectively changed the day-to-day-work of more than 200 globally acting companies that benefit from the outsourcing of numerous HR processes to ai works.


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