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With ai-works temporary employment becomes a software-based key success factor

You have seasonal peaks and need temporary support?

You are looking for a software-supported short-term support for sickness/holiday cover and/or need a bridging for maternity and parental leave?

You want to save the time and cost-intensive search for a fitting temping agency and the training of temporary staff and instead close the staffing gap(s) immediately?

Put your trust in ai-works. If you opt for our software-based AI-Agents you will benefit from a smart alternative to classical temp work.

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From temporary assistance to permanent good performance thanks to software-supported temp work

Our AI-Agents make a compelling impression as temporary employees – operating date and night, in practically all areas and tasks that are performed and handled by human employees, without breaks or downtime and without needing a permanent office desk.

You will benefit from:

  • consistently topmost quality in all operational processes
  • maximum flexibility regarding availability and capacity
  • increased transparency thanks to a better comparability  even of different processes.

With the implementation of our software-based AI Agents you will save considerable costs and time as the iintegration of our AI-Agents does not require long trainng periods, unlike  human temporary employees.
Our AI-Agents can virtually immediately and in full-scale use all common software products at the same level and to the same extent as human temporary workers can.

Within a few days they can be fully deployed and seamlessly integrated into all relevant business processes. Their implementation does not require additional programming effort or the costly development of elaborate interfaces.

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// Facts & Figures

Our software-based AI-Agents are currently supporting

temp work projects


Full-time equivalents (FTEs)

This corresponds to 21 AI-Agents as one AI-Agent is about 6 time faster as human accounting clerk.


// Management Summary

Advantages of ai-works' software-based AI Agents compared with classical temporary work

The clock is ticking

Our AI-Agents are at your disposal within 7 days.

Larger or smaller capacities at short notice or on a regular basis

Whether you need 1, 10 or 100 AI-Agents – we offer the ideal solution for any need and demand.

Recurring assignments save training time

Even with regularly recurring assignments you will have the same AI-Agents at your disposal. No need for further or additional training.

Temp work is money – ai-works is budget protection

The costs for using one AI-Agent are on average 30% lower than comparable personnel costs.

Human expertise behindAI-Agents: Temporary work enriched by intelligent software solutions

Our professional highly qualified and motivated advisors with long-term experience will assist you in every phase of your cooperation/partnership with ai-works and are available at any time for your individual questions about the advantages our AI-Agents offer compared to conventional temp work.

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You have further questions on how our software-based AI-Agents can support your company’s business with temporary work assignments?

We are looking forward to your inquiry and would be delighted to mail or phone you back for individual consultation.

Helpful and detailed answers to a variety of frequently asked questions about our AI agents can be found in our detailed list of questions (FAQs).