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AI provides pinpoint performance for your recruitment agency

Whether for temporary or selective project assignments or on an interim basis: for a recruitment agency it is difficult to find motivated and professionally skilled operational staff with relevant experience in business with customers.

The search for suitable personnel in the administrative area, for assistants for the master data creation or for payroll specialists costs and binds valuable HR resources.

Intensive research, identification, first contact, profile creation and updating, interviews, negotiations, presentation to the customer: All these steps are time and cost-intensive for a recruitment agency flanked by high administrative expenses.

If these efforts do not even lead to the successful placement of suitable candidates with corporate clients, the reputation of a recruitment agency/ recruitment consultancy is at stake.

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AI as a clever supplement to your recruitment agency

The deployment of our AI-Agents is simply a perfect complement to traditional recruiting processes of operational accounting clerks of flesh and blood. No need for time-consuming selection processes and seamlessly and promptly integrable into human resources management processes of your corporate customers.

Our multiply deployable versatile AI-Agents are used for routine-based tasks as:

  • assistants for data collection
  • time-recording specialists
  • specialists payroll

Our AI agents can be applied to these and all other routine-based tasks – for temporary, selective or permanent project assignments, regardless of company size and market sector.

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Recruitment agency meets software-based Artificial Intelligence: That’s how our AI-Agents work

The work of our AI-Agents is based on Artificial Intelligence. So AI-Agents can basically use all software products and their features at the same level and to the same extent as human personnel can

The prompt and full-feature integration into human resources management processes does not require additional programming effort or the costly development of elaborate interfaces.

This in turn leads to efficiency, cost and resource saving synergy effects and to a measurable improvement of  customers’ satisfaction.

Ahead of time and always up to date

Our AI-Agents are not only ahead of their times when it comes to pioneering HR Shared Service Center (HR SSC) processes but also always up to date in terms of software and cyber security.

Physically, our AI-Agents are located in two redundant technology centres in Dubai (U.A.E.) and in Barcelona (Spain). The provision of services is exclusively provided in the volatile memory of a computer. Without any detours and workarounds, they are always ready for innovations and their implementation at your enterprise customers.

The service is provided exclusively in the volatile memory of a computer. ai-works employees have at no time access to customer data. Moreover, no customer data is stored outside customer systems and/or customer networks. This keeps your data confidential and sensitive information remains safe. Anytime.

Instantly functional & immediately applicable

Our AI-Agents are fully operational within a few days and can almost instantaneously start their work on the basis of existing HR programmes and applications such as [SAP HCM (PA, PT, PY), DATEV, LOGA, freshdesk, servicenow]. No extra training time. No adjustments needed.

Machines operated with human expertise

Our professional highly qualified and motivated advisors with long-term experience will assist you in every phase of your cooperation/partnership with ai-works.

They are available at any time for your individual questions about the benefits our AI-Agents deliver to recruitment agencies and recruitment consultancies.

Put your trust safely in intelligent
„robo-recruiting“ ​

You want to learn more about how our AI-Agents can support your recruitment agency or recruitment consultancy?

You want to know more about how AI-Agents can help you gain important competitive advantages? We are looking forward to your inquiry and would be delighted to phone you back for individual consultation.

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Currently, our AI agents supportrecruitment agencies and their corporate customers in interim assignments in


 as specialists and support staff

Full-time equivalents (FTEs)

This corresponds to 9 AI-Agents as one AI-Agent is about 6 time faster as human accounting clerk

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How your recruitment agency benefits form our AI-Agents:

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