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HR Shared Service Center

HR Shared Service Centers (HR SSC) are the back office for human resources in large companies and they are the backbone of professional personnel management. HR Shared Service Centers ensure that high quality standards in worldwide personnel processes are continuously  and automatically met.

Thus, previously diffuse, complex and individual HR processes in personnel management turn into standards. Standards in turn become routines and routines finally are perfectly suited for automation.

Automated HR processes in Shared Service Centers are efficiency that can be depicted and measured in real-time. The resulting high degree of standardization, the optimum scaling and greater synergy effects lead to leaner structures and accelerated processes in personnel management

Other positive side effects are an increased transparency through the grouping and the comparability of different HR services and personnel-management processes. Quantifiable and measurable cost savings as well as freed internal resources are additional advantages.

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How AI-Agents shape the future of your HR Shared Service Center

Our AI-Agents basically work comparably to an employee of flesh and blood from his/her home office or from a remote work place – fully decentralised and at the same time fully integrated into all relevant HR processes. AI-Agents support companies to tackle and solve the dilemma of EITHER cost reduction OR quality increase and convert it into cost reduction AND quality increase.

Labour consuming manual and analogue processes are turned into dynamic automatic and digital procedures and routines leading to higher speed and higher quality thanks to standardized procedures.

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AI provides streamlined processes for HR Shared Service Center

The collaboration between our AI-Agents and accounting clerks of „flesh and blood“ can be arranged flexibly and situationally scaled and adjusted. Our AI-Agents fit into different HR scenarios. You decide to what degree you want and/or need to integrate them into corresponding business processes and operations.

Assisted: Issues or business processes are only prepared by our AI-Agents

Augmented: Issues or business processes are partially processed by our AI-Agents

Autonomies: Issues or business processes are AI-Agents are completely processed by our AI-Agents

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AI-Agents create intelligent workflows for HR Shared Service Center

The collaboration between our AI-Agents and human employees is managed via an order management tool or a ticket system.

A possible and at the same time very frequent definition of this collaboration follows the pattern:

  • In clear cases issues and processes are entirely processed by Ai-Agents.
  • Ambiguous or equivocal issues and processes are transferred directly to human employees

Here applies:

The better structured and organised companies are and the higher their level of standardization is, the higher is the automation rate of corresponding processes achievable by our AI-Agents (typically 80%).

automation rate 80%
// technology

AI-Agent: all-rounders for your HR Shared Service Center

Our AI-Agents can basically use all software products at the same level and to the same extent as human personnel can.

The integration into human resources management processes is executed seamlessly and in a timely manner – in favour of cost and resource saving synergy effects.

The implementation of our AI-Agents does not require additional programming efforts or the costly development of elaborate interfaces.

Our AI-Agents are fully operational within a few days and can almost instantaneously start their work on the basis of existing HR programmes and applications such as SAP HCM (PA, PT, PY), DATEV, LOGA, freshdesk or servicenow.

// hosting

AI-Agents: From the cloud directly into your HR Shared Service Center

Physically, our AI-Agents are located in two redundant technology centres in Dubai (U.A.E.) and in Barcelona (Spain). The provision of services is exclusively provided in the volatile memory of a computer.

// security

Your HR Shared Service Center data in safe hands

ai-works employees have at no time access to customer data. Moreover, no customer data is stored outside customer systems and/or customer networks. This keeps your data confidential and sensitive information remains safe. Anytime.

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So funktioniert die Zusammenarbeit in der Praxis

Service-level-agreements ensures excellent performance
for your HR Shared Service Center.
AI-Agents in numbers



That’s the ratio of issues AI-Agents are able to clarify.


This is the Full-time equivalents (FTEs) level we have provided by AI-Agents (as from March 2020).


that’s the number of languages our AI-Agents can speak

Extra hours per year

Overtimes? No problem for our AI-Agents.


per issue

A typical issue is sorted out within only a quarter of an hour



Around the clock in service for you. With tireless commitment at constant quality.

// fields of application

Our AI-Agents support you in the following areas – according to your individual demands and special needs .


Collection of master and transaction data in systems


Capture of documents like sick reports in accounting systems


Automated digital archiving of all documents


Submission of social security declarations

Employee references

Automated generation of assessments and job references


Issue handling in and from order management and ticket systems

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