Freshdesk invoice processing

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Invoice Processing App within your Freshdesk instance - invoice processing up to 89% more efficient than before.

Optimize your Freshdesk instance with AI-based invoice processing and save money!

  • After only four weeks, over 80% of all invoices can be processed
  • Average processing time less than 45 seconds
  • Already available after 5 min after receipt in the account payable books

Invoice processing app for Freshdesk features and functions

With our invoice processing app for Freshdesk you can let our AI-Agents work for you – directly from the cloud.

The wide range of functions of our Freshdesk invoice processing app enhances your Freshdesk ticket system in an intelligent and smart way. Our innovative AI-based solution ensures lean and fast processes during all stages of the invoice lifecycle covering tasks like posting in financial accounting or the processing of documents and data.

  • All relevant information such as invoice number, date, amounts are read from the invoice header and made available.
  • Invoice lines are reliably read and assigned to internal order items or articles.
  • Each invoice is uniquely assigned to a supplier, as well as a customer or sub-supplier if required.

  • All relevant information is combined into one booking record and transferred to 3rd party systems on request. No media break along the End2End process.

invoice processing app for Freshdesk

With our invoice processing app for Freshdesk, you get the most out of your company and benefit from maximum flexibility, are independent of time and place and can access a variety of innovative recognition functions without having to create a single template.

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Invoice processing app for Freshdesk costs

Ongoing costs:

Starting at 1,890.00 EUR per month, you can get an AI-Agent with a workingtime of 4 hours per calendar day. 4 hours is usually enough to process about 300 invoices per day. 100% Scalable: At any time you can adjust the number and workingtimes of your AI-Agents to your needs and thus also process many thousands of invoices per day.

Customizing costs:

Within the scope of customizing, we bill the setup and connection of the existing systems, as well as customizing for individual invoice processing on a daily rate basis. As a rule, about 30 days are required for this. The daily rate is 1,890.00 EUR

Price per invoice (Informative only):

Comparative calculations of our customers showed that the processing of an invoice by an AI-Agent usually differs only about 0.25 EUR compared to up to 23.80 EUR by manual processing. Freshdesk hr app: A glance at all advantages

Learn how our Freshdesk hr app creates lean, smart and fast hr processes within your Freshdesk hr ticket system.

How to install Invoice processing app for Freshdesk app

An easy-to-use dashboard allows you to configure all settings for the app.

The installation and integration into your Freshdesk instance is also very easy via the dashboard. All you need is your Freshdesk URL, your  API key and your AI agents can start working with you right away.

Manage your AI-Agents

Keep control of your AI agents, find out what they are processing, how many documents, pages and characters were processed and what quality was provided. Monitor the development over the last few days and react to any increases in job volumes.

Our dashboard gives you all the important information at a glance. No black box, no unknown variables. Simple, clear =

Please find our dashboard at the following link:



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