What are the benefits of Artificial Intelligence for my company /HR Shared Service Center?
By using Artificial Intelligence you benefit from (to name just a few):
  • Flexibility and scalability as to the extent of AI-Agents you want to use/deploy
  • Significant savings in relation to comparable personnel costs for employees of flesh and blood.
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Seamless integration into human resources management processes in a timely manner and without requiring additional programming effort or the costly development of elaborate interfaces
  • Our AI-Agents can basically use all software products at the same level and to the same extent as human personnel can
  • Future-proof cloud-technology with permanent software and security updates
  • Investment protection
How can Artificial Intelligence assist/support me in the processing?

Artificial Intelligence is comparable to the outsourcing of defined business processes to external service providers of flesh and blood- but at a faster pace, a higher cost-efficiency and with no need for extra training time

How high is your savings potential when deploying Artificial Intelligence?

Well structured and organised companies can on average achieve an adoption rate of more than 80% of all business processes and issues. Full-time equivalents (FTEs) can be reduced to the same extent.

When is the use of Artificial Intelligence beneficial for my company?
When- and where ever issues have to be processed at a regular interval and in large volumes (several thousands) the deployment of Artificial Intelligence pays off.In the area of Human Ressources/ personnel the usual company size where the use of Artificial Intelligence pays off start s at 5.000 employees. Our customers employ on average around 35.000 employees. Our currently largest customer employs around 800.000 people.
Which tasks are suitable for the use of Artificial Intelligence?
Basically, the use of Artificial Intelligence is suitable for all issues concerning the collection and verification of data, data processing/handling and data-based decisions.This is for example, true for:
  • issue handling in and from order management and ticket systems
  • collection of master and transaction data in systems
  • capture and archiving of documents like sick reports or assessments and job references in accounting systems
  • submission of social security declarations
Do I need any special knowledge/special skills as a user of Artificial Intelligence?

No, you don’t need any special or particular user knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence works in the background on your issues – comparable to an employee of flesh and blood. If an issue cannot clearly be identified or solved the system directly passes the ticket/issue to a human employee.


What are the deployment costs for Artificial Intelligence?

Rather than about costs we should talk about savings when deploying Artificial Intelligence (on average 30% lower than comparable personnel costs).


How does Artificial Intelligence technically work?

Basically, Aritifical Inteligence is comparable to an accounting clerk working from home or from a remote workplace.

The connection and accessibility to the company’s internal IT infrastructure is often effected via VPN or a cloud system. The following functional diagram illustrates how this cooperation/connection works.

Which systems can be linked to artificial intelligence?

Basically, all IT-based systems can be connected to and with Artificial Intelligence as it operates the user interface of a software product in the same way a human does.  So whatever humans can operate with a software Artificial Intelligence is equally able to do.

The most common applications are:






How is Artificial Intelligence implemented?

During a one-day-workshop at the customer's place of business we determine opportunities, options and in particular the sustainability of the deployment of Artificial Intelligence.

About 3 or 4 weeks later a kick-off workshop is held at customer's place

Another 3 or 4 weeks later the "Go Live" takes place.

How long does the implementation of Artificial Intelligence take?

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence usually requires 4 to 8 weeks.


In which dimensions can Artificial Intelligence support my business?

There are basically no restrictions in term of quantity. In theory, all issues that originally were handled by hundreds of accounting clerks can be handled by Artificial Intelligence without any loss of quality.


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