ServiceNow OCR a step ahead with app

Enhance your ServiceNow workflow intelligently with’s OCR app

  • AI-controlled data enrichment ensures streamlined HR processes
  • No programming efforts, no programming costs
  • Significant reduction of time & costs & maximum of efficiency

ServiceNow OCR app: Features and functionality

Imagine workdays where your employees can concentrate their energy and time exclusively to tasks that only people can do. Imagine delegating routine tasks to actively collaborating “robots” and freeing up valuable human resources. With our AI-driven Ticket Enrichment app this is no longer science fiction but already an integral part of the daily work process of many international operating companies.

  • High speed, high precision OCR recognition: benefit from streamlined and highly efficient HR processes thanks to an instant identification, separation, structuring and exact allocation of documents (.pdf) (e.g. letters from authorities, leaflets, employment contracts), images via OCR and of image sections from emails.
  • AI-controlled and fully automated data enhancement/data enrichment directly processed in the case/ticket itself.
  • Additional dedicated process and handling instructions and relevant details (e.g. social security number) allow an automated, precise and quick determination of facts/cases (employment contract, leaflets, questionnaire, etc.).
  • Precise assignment to the respective employee abbreviates coordination processes.
  • Directly to 3rd party: coherent preliminary treatment of incoming information and automatic transfer of structured data for 3rd party Human Capital Management systems (SAP HCM, Oracle, Success Factors, etc.).

ServiceNow OCR app customizing

We are happy to assist and advice you during all stages of the customizing setup process. Please contact us.

In case you should face any issues, please contact us at or by creating a ticket at

ServiceNow OCR app costs

As there are several, company-related and sector-specific factors to be considered – e.g., internal processes, company size, the desired grade of IT automation, advisable Ticket-Enrichment-features to automate workflows – it is hardly possible to give a realistic and reliable cost estimation.

On the costs side, one thing is certain: With the deployment of our ServiceNow OCR Ticket Enrichment app you can reduce handling time substantially and save 30% of costs compared to normally arising manpower costs.

Thanks to the seamless implementation of our ServiceNow OCR Ticket Enrichment App there occur no programming efforts or programming costs.

We are looking forward to your contact and are happy to answer you any further arising cost-related questions. We will gladly prepare an individualized and customised proposal!

Deficits in existing ServiceNow OCR apps

Common ServiceNow OCR apps are often of static nature and come without dynamic features. In addition, the majority of available ServiceNow OCR apps have limited functionalities often reduced to taking a photo of business cards, extracting the relevant contact data from it and perform a mere plain-text conversion.

Our ServiceNow OCR Ticket Enrichment app follows a more comprehensive and holistic approach. It converts AI-controlled OCR into an integral component of essential internal processes.  This is obtained by structuring, enhancing, determining and allocating of documents, PDF and scans – fully automated and in a split second.

Thus, the daily paper flood is automatically contained. Valuable human resources are freed- up and human employees can finally dedicate their workforce to important strategic tasks.

How to install ServiceNow OCR app

For the technical integration of our ServiceNow OCR app you simply have to generate a „Connected App“ in your ServiceNow instance and provide us with from this process resulting following   data:

  • ConsumerKey & ConsumerSecret
  • Username & Password
  • UserToken

We are pleased to support you during all stages of your set-up and connecting process.

FAQs Installation ServiceNow OCR app

We will happily provide you anytime with more comprehensive instructions!
Privacy notice: The provision of services is exclusively provided in the volatile memory of a computer. employees have at no time access to customer data. Moreover, no customer data is stored outside customer systems and/or customer networks.
For more information please visit our helpdesk to find our comprehensive installation guide and smart step-by-step instructions.

Is there a user guide available for’s ServiceNow OCR Ticket Enrichment app?

Small steps lead to enormous success. This also true for the installation and implementation of our ServiceNow OCR Ticket Enrichment app. To make the step-by-step integration of our ServiceNow OCR Ticket Enrichment app as fast, seamless and simple as possible.

We have put together comprehensive and easy-to-understand instructions. Get it here.

How to super-fast start with’s ServiceNow OCR Ticket Enrichment app

Seamless integration is easy. Find all important information on how to get your ai-works’ ServiceNow OCR Ticket Enrichment app quickly and efficiently running as here.

How to customize’s ServiceNow OCR Ticket Enrichment app?

Customizing is crucial to success. The more customized the’s ServiceNow OCR Ticket Enrichment app is the wider it covers your business- and sector-specific requirements.  Get your tailor-made customizing guide here.