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ServiceNow OCR a step ahead with ai-works4u.com app

Enhance your ServiceNow workflow intelligently with ai-works.4u.com’s OCR app

  • AI-controlled data enrichment ensures streamlined HR processes
  • No programming efforts, no programming costs
  • Significant reduction of time & costs & maximum of efficiency

ServiceNow OCR app: Features and functionality

Imagine workdays where your employees can concentrate their energy and time exclusively to tasks that only people can do. Imagine delegating routine tasks to actively collaborating “robots” and freeing up valuable human resources. With our AI-driven Ticket Enrichment app this is no longer science fiction but already an integral part of the daily work process of many international operating companies.

  • High speed, high precision OCR recognition: benefit from streamlined and highly efficient HR processes thanks to an instant identification, separation, structuring and exact allocation of documents (.pdf) (e.g. letters from authorities, leaflets, employment contracts), images via OCR and of image sections from emails.
  • AI-controlled and fully automated data enhancement/data enrichment directly processed in the case/ticket itself.
  • Additional dedicated process and handling instructions and relevant details (e.g. social security number) allow an automated, precise and quick determination of facts/cases (employment contract, leaflets, questionnaire, etc.).
  • Precise assignment to the respective employee abbreviates coordination processes.
  • Directly to 3rd party: coherent preliminary treatment of incoming information and automatic transfer of structured data for 3rd party Human Capital Management systems (SAP HCM, Oracle, Success Factors, etc.).

Deficits in existing ServiceNow OCR apps

Common ServiceNow OCR apps are often of static nature and come without dynamic features. In addition, the majority of available ServiceNow OCR apps have limited functionalities often reduced to taking a photo of business cards, extracting the relevant contact data from it and perform a mere plain-text conversion.

Our ServiceNow OCR Ticket Enrichment app follows a more comprehensive and holistic approach. It converts AI-controlled OCR into an integral component of essential internal processes.  This is obtained by structuring, enhancing, determining and allocating of documents, PDF and scans – fully automated and in a split second.

Thus, the daily paper flood is automatically contained. Valuable human resources are freed- up and human employees can finally dedicate their workforce to important strategic tasks.

ServiceNow OCR app: customer-specific adaptions

Every single step needed to customize and teach-in our AI-Agents is as hassle-free and seamless as all other procedures, features, and functions offered by our ServiceNow OCR app. The easy realization allows you as a customer to autonomously initiate the AI-Agents’ customizing and teach-in process where the AI-Agent will provide you with an individual link to the AI dashboard. A few instants later, you can finalize and evaluate the desired adaptions.


If you require more complex adaptions our helpdesk in Dubai will gladly assist you during all phases of your customizing and teach-in process.


Please contact us for this at servicenow-addon@ai-works4u.com or create a ticket at https://helpdesk.ai-works4u.com

ServiceNow OCR app costs

Accordant to all other by aiworks4u.com apps, our ServiceNow OCR app is installed on the technical platform of our AI-Agents. Put very simple, an AI-Agent is a software agent that is located on a dedicated server in a data centre From this data centre, AI-Agents can be assigned their respective tasks.

Cost structure

Our pricing model follows a clear and easy to understand structure – just as our AI-Agents perform their assigned tasks.

  1. On-time: We charge a one-time fee of 1,490 EUR for the provision of the hardware on which the AI-Agent is iimplemented.
  2. Running costs (subscription): Starting at monthly 990.00 EUR, you can get an AI-Agent with a working time of 2 hours per calendar day. 2 hours are normally sufficient time to finalize about 150 cases per day.
  3. Scalability is a decisive success factor: Whenever required you can adapt the number and working times of your AI-Agents, so that there are perfectly in tone with your requirements. This flexible scalability enables you to process even several thousands of invoices per day.
  4. Customizing costs (and pay-offs): We bill the setup and connection of the existing systems, as well as the customizing for individual requirements on a daily rate basis of 1,890.00 EUR. As a rule, about 10-15 days are required for this.

The use of the app is upon subscription. The subscription can be provided within just a few days and can be cancelled at any time with 45 days’ notice.

For further information regards our cost structure please visit our helpdesk at https://helpdesk.ai-works4u.com/a/solutions/articles/77000488494

You are of course also very welcome to contact us for any further cost-related question. We are happy to submit you a tailor-made offer!

Installation & integration:

As there is no need for an installation on a local customer server, both the installation and the integration of our ServiceNow OCR app can be processed effortlessly. The integration into the existing ServiceNow instance is carried out via API.


In order to provide a secure integration, you only need your API access data. All corresponding entries can be made via our 

 AI-Agents dashboard.

How to manage your AI-Agents

Managing your AI agents and analysing their corresponding performance is easy to intuitively to perform. Control your AI-Agents and see:


  • what they are exactly processing.
  • how many documents, pages and characters were processed.
  • what quality was provided.


Administer recent developments and take action whenever increasing job volumes ask for more working time or a modification of the number of your AI-Agents.


With just one glance  at our dashboard, you can identify all relevant information. No black box, no unknown variables. Simple, transparent clear, just as ai-works4u.com

Find our dashboard at: https://partners.ai-works4u.com

Qualified Partner

ai-works4u.com is a qualified Partner of ServiceNow and meets the high requirements for functionality, usability, security, and data protection.

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