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Performance boosts productivity boosts performance. This success formula assures competitive and advantages and pays off for your company and business.  Artificial- Intelligence-based automated procedures and routines lead to streamlined, quick and precise processes and free up valuable human resources – the smartest shortcut to save costs and gain a leading edge over your competitors!

With our Salesforce apps we help you to take your Salesforce Case Management to the next level and to benefit from all advantages intelligent AI-based, automated procedures from a single technical platform offer – with no extra programming efforts and with a seamless integration into existing structures.

All in all, the beneficial relationship and profitable partnering of the proven Salesforce Case Management and our Salesforce apps is your ticket to efficiency in real time.

Salesforce OCR app
Enhance your Salesforce OCR Case Management intelligently with fully automated “in-ticket” data enrichment.

Salesforce OCR app
Salesforce HR app
Let our AI-Agents assist you in your ticket processing.
Delegate routine tasks & free up valuable human resources.
Salesforce HR app
Salesforce AI app
Our Ai-Agents also manage issues in tickets in SAP, Oracle & co . Salesforce OCR app: one video, all advantages

Discover how our Salesforce OCR app boosts your Salesforce case management performance

Salesforce app: Customizing and adaptions

Customizing is crucial when it comes to customized responses to business- and-sector specific requirements. We will gladly advise, assist and support you to adapt our Salesforce apps to your individual specifications.


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