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Jira hr app by ai-works4u.com – Jira hr work management intelligently enhanced

Add smart functions & features to your Jira hr work management with our Jira hr app

  • Scalable hr management covering all stages of an employee lifecycle
  • Intelligent and fully automated ticket processing & ticket enrichment to enhance Jira software for hr
  • Efficient procedures, reduced processing times, optimized cost structures

Jira hr app features and functions

With the deployment of our Jira hr app you will take your Jira hr work management to the next level. Thanks to our AI-Agents all Jira hr modules and even entire hr Jira hr processes will instantly turn into fully automated, transparent, and smoothly running routines. You will benefit from intelligent features and functions across all stages of an employee lifecycle, starting from the commencement of work to the ending of an employment with the issuing of a job reference.

  • Onboarding the easy AI way: Our AI-Agents get all accessible information from the job application tool and hand them directly over to the employee administration. Additionally our AI-Agents take on the set up of the applicant into the accounting system and automatically create an employment contract.
  • All data-work done: In case of incomplete or missing applicant master data our AI-Agents will request the missing data autonomously – via email, app, or messenger app.
  • No question of time: Accuracy counts. This applies particularly to the recording of working hours, attendances, excused and unexcused absences – a task, our AI-Agents complete competently and conscientiously. This is also true for the recording and management of sick notes, the applicant’s set up into the accounting system and automatic creation of an employment contract.
  • Certificate with certainty: May it be certificates of employment or job references – our AI agents transmit all certificates to the employee or to the competent authorities. In addition, they also archive documents in the electronic personnel file – fully automated and 100 per cent reliable.
  • Software super-fast learners: Our all-round-versatile AI-Agents process popular hr software solutions as natural as they learn to use new software solutions. You decide whether you want them to work from the cloud or via user interface.
  • Upon instruction, self-starter and always active: Within just a few seconds, our AI agents process the desired issue. They perform their work after being forwarded a ticket or autonomously on the basis of a defined set of rules.

Jira hr service desk

With our Jira hr app, you will take the most your of your Jira hr management and every single Jira hr module. You will benefit from a maximum of scalability, flexibility, and innovative features and functions that take Jira software for hr to a new and higher level.

We are pleased to assist you. Please contact us at jira-addon@ai-works4u.com or create a ticket at https://helpdesk.ai-works4u.com

Jira hr rapp costs

It is not possible to attach an exact price tag to our Jira hr app due to the many variables that constitute the cost structure. These include your company’s internal processes, the company size, the desired grade of IT automation and the Jira hr app features you want to implement into your Jira hr work management.

However, we have one binding offer for you: With our Jira hr app you will significantly reduce handling and average processing time for hiring processes. Normally, the hiring of an applicant takes approximately of 30 minutes.

With our Jira hr app, you will manage to minimize the handling time under 3 minutes. Below the bottom one this is equivalent to a huge saving of time and of personnel and processing costs.

In addition, no programming efforts or costs for the seamless implementation of our Jira hr app occur.

If you have further cost related questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to prepare an individualized and customised proposal that exactly meets your specific requirements!

ai-works4u.com Jira hr app: Insights and benefits

Learn how our ai-works4u.com Jira hr app provides maximum efficiency for your Jira hr work management.

How to install Jira hr app

For the technical integration of our Jira hr app you simply have to generate a „Connected App“ in your Jira instance and provide us with from this process resulting following data:

  • ConsumerKey & ConsumerSecret
  • Username & Password
  • UserToken

We are pleased to support you in the set-up and connecting process.


Jira hr app FAQ

We are happy to provide you anytime with more comprehensive instructions!

Privacy notice: The provision of services is exclusively provided in the volatile memory of a computer. ai-works4u.com employees have at no time access to customer data. Moreover, no customer data is stored outside customer systems and/or customer networks.

For more information please visit our helpdesk to find our comprehensive installation guide and smart step-by-step instructions.

Is there a user guide available for ai-works4u.com’s Jira hr app?

Small steps lead to enormous success. This also true for the installation and implementation of our Jira hr app. To make the step-by-step integration of our Jira hr app as fast, seamless, and simple as possible we have put together comprehensive and easy-to-understand instructions. Get it here.

How to super-fast start with ai-works4u.com’s Jira hr app

Seamless integration is easy. Find all important information on how to get your ai-works4u.com’s Jira hr app quickly and efficiently running here.