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Freshdesk hr app by ai-works4u.com – optimal processing for your Freshdesk hr ticket system

Add smart functions & features to your Freshdesk hr ticket system with our Freshdesk hr app

  • Manage employee lifecycles fully automated and more efficiently – from onboarding to retirement
  • Super-fast processing and fully automated enrichment of tickets with relevant information
  • Optimised procedures, significantly reduced processing times, lower costs

Freshdesk hr app features and functions

With our Freshdesk hr app you can let our AI-Agents work for you – directly from the cloud. The wide range of functions of our Freshdesk hr app enhances your Freshdesk hr ticket system in an intelligent and smart way. Our innovative Freshdesk hr solution ensures lean and fast processes during all stages of the employee lifecycle covering tasks like the issuing of certificates or the processing of documents and data.

  • Onboarding without obstacles: Our AI-Agents ensure smooth and obstacle-free onboarding processes for new employees by collecting all relevant information from the job application tool and handing these data over to the employee administration. An additional asset of our AI-Agents is that they take the onboarding process to a logical end by setting up the new employee into the accounting system and by creating an employment contract automatically.
  • No questions are left unanswered: In case that the applicant’s master data are incomplete our AI-Agents will request the missing data autonomously – via email, app, or messenger app.
  • Time detectives: The recording of working hours, attendances, excused and unexcused absences work, attendance, absence, or even unexcused absences is just as much a daily routine for our AI agents as the recording sick notes.
  • Issuing and archiving certificates: Paperwork can be a burden even if the paper is electronic. Our AI agents don’t mind doing paperwork but, on the contrary, are fully dedicated to transmit documents and certificates to the employee or to the responsible authorities and to automatically archive all documents in the electronic personnel file.
  • Smart software self-starters: Our AI-Agents are virtual all-rounders and can easily use popular hr software solutions – directly from the cloud or, if requested, also on a computer via a user interface. In addition, our AI-Agents learn exceptionally fast when it comes to use new software solutions and/or hr applications.
  • Upon instruction and active: Within no time, our AI agents process the desired issue, triggered by a forwarded ticket or autonomously by a defined set of rules.

Freshdesk hr service desk

With our Freshdesk hr app, you will take the most your of your Freshdesk hr management and every single Freshdesk hr module. You will benefit from a maximum of scalability, flexibility, and innovative features and functions that take Freshdesk software for hr to a new and higher level.

We are pleased to assist you. Please contact us at freshdesk-addon@ai-works4u.com or create a ticket at https://helpdesk.ai-works4u.com

Freshdesk hr app costs

As there are too many variants (your company’s internal processes, company size, the desired grade of IT automation, the desired Freshdesk hr app features and functions) that affect the cost structure we cannot to give an exact and binding cost estimate for the implementation of our Freshdesk hr app,

However, with respect to the costs we can definitively state that thanks to our Freshdesk hr app handling time will substantially decrease. If the average processing time for a hiring process is around 30 minutes our Freshdesk hr app reduces this process to a tenth, i.e., to less than three minutes.

In addition, there occur no programming efforts or costs for the seamless implementation of our Freshdesk hr app.

In case of further cost related questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly prepare an individualized and customised proposal that perfectly meets your specific needs.

ai-works4u.com Freshdesk hr app: A glance at all advantages

Learn how our ai-works4u.com Freshdesk hr app creates lean, smart and fast hr processes within your Freshdesk hr ticket system.

How to install Freshdesk hr app

For the technical integration of our Freshdesk hr app you simply have to generate a „Connected App“ in your Freshdesk instance and provide us with from this process resulting following data:

  • ConsumerKey & ConsumerSecret
  • Username & Password
  • UserToken

We are pleased to support you in the set-up and connecting process.

FAQs installation Freshdesk hr app

We are hype to provide you anytime with more comprehensive instructions!

Privacy notice: The provision of services is exclusively provided in the volatile memory of a computer. ai-works4u.com employees have at no time access to customer data. Moreover, no customer data is stored outside customer systems and/or customer networks.

For more information please visit our helpdesk to find our comprehensive installation guide and smart step-by-step instructions.

Is there a user guide available for ai-works4u.com’s Freshdesk hr app?

Small steps lead to enormous success. This also applies to the installation and implementation of our Freshdesk hr app. To make the step-by-step integration of our Freshdesk hr app as fast, seamless, and simple as possible we have put together comprehensive and easy-to-understand instructions. Get it here.

How to super-fast start with ai-works4u.com’s Freshdesk hr app

Seamless integration is easy. Find all important information on how to get your ai-works4u.com’s Freshdesk hr app quickly and efficiently running here.