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Artificial-Intelligence-controlled procedures and routines accelerate and streamline all business processes and ensure highest transparency. The more precise processes are the quicker can measurable results be delivered. A win-win for all departments and persons involved.

With our Freshdesk apps we give a new dynamic to your Freshdesk ticket system. You will benefit from all advantages intelligent AI-controlled, automated procedures from a single technical platform offer.

Best yet, there are no extra programming efforts or programming costs. Just a seamless integration into existing structures and you can start working.

In short:’s solutions are the perfect complement to your Freshdesk apps.

Freshdesk OCR app
Our fully automated “in-ticket” data enrichment as an intelligent extension to your Freshdesk ticket system.
Freshdesk OCR app
Freshdesk HR app
Let our AI-Agents assist you in your HR ticket processing.Delegate routine tasks & free up valuable human resources.
Freshdesk HR app
Freshdesk AI app
Our Ai-Agents also manage issues in tickets in SAP, Oracle & co . Freshdesk OCR app: one video, all features

Discover how our Freshdesk OCR ticket enrichment app takes your ticket system to the next level.

Freshdesk app: Customizing and adaptions

Customizing is key for the adoption of business- and-sector specific solutions to the requirements of your customers. We are happy to advise, assist and support you to customise your Freshdesk apps to your individual specifications.


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