Ticketing systems with Artificial Intelligence (AI) as add-on

Accelerate your ticketing systems with our Artificial-Intelligence-based ticket enrichment

  • Digitalize processes & automize routines with Artificial Intelligence
  • No need for expensive & complex IT projects
  • Save 30% manpower +costs (ADECCO use case)

Ticket Enrichment by ai-works4u.com

Our AI-based KI ticket enrichment docks on to nearly all common ticketing systems via existing interfaces – without needing any additional programming efforts. Our AI-Agents allow a quick identification, separation, structuring and a precise allocation of documents and even of picture section from e-mails.The tickets thus generated are enhanced by relevant information and enriched by additional handling – and process instructions and automatically, precisely, and rapidly assigned to the corresponding employee. The result: Enormous savings and valuable HR resources that are again freed-up.

What ticketing systems providers are there?

Whether the ticketing system is based on a freely adjustable open-source software, freeware or even hosted in the cloud or on-premises (i.e., hosted in own data centre): A ticketing system can take many forms and all ticketing systems available have their assets and drawbacks.

Ticketing system selection criteria

What are the characteristics of a good ticketing system and what should you consider when choosing a ticket system?

Ticketing systems at a glance

For our customers we from ai-works4u.com primarily use ticketing systems from servicenow, OTRS, Freshdesk and ServiceCloud.

Our AI also docks on any other system easily and smoothly. Find a comprehensive overview on the most common ticketing systems here.

OTRS (Open Ticket Request System)

This cloud-based ticketing system is principally available in two variants: a free-of-charge OTRS free version and a fee-based OTRS business version.Tickets can be created via e-mail, via the OTRS customer platform or by phone. OTRS business also comes with a ticket prioritization and a knowledge database.


Freshdesk allows a cross-media-channel communication with customers including consistent customer timelines. With the help of Artificial Intelligence tickets can be automatically categorized.In addition, Freshdesk’s ticketing system offers useful functions like a chat-bot for chats in real time, a customer service platform, an individual user interface and a deadline-tracking.


Although this clearly structured ticketing system cannot cover every single functionality it nevertheless provides a wide range of functions. These comprehend a device independent service platform and chatbots as well as an omnichannel communication model that allows to open tickets via every channel available.The automated learning procedure is another interesting aspect of servicenow’s ticketing system. It allows the ticket to literally create itself. As for AI servicenow scores with a fully automated forwarding of tickets to the appropriate employee including a real-time tracking of the ticket status.

ServiceCloud (Salesforce)

This cloud-based ticketing system is equipped with an intuitive service console, a drag and drop-controlled customer service, a 360-degree-view on all customer procedures and customer data and with an intelligent distribution of tickets to the appropriate and available employee via defined priority criteria. In addition, ServiceCloud comes with a ticket issuing directly via social media.
You want more information about how our AI-Agents can give your ticket system a smart and special kick?
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What are the greatest deficits of existing ticketing systems?

A customer request is submitted, another business department needs a certain information, an outsourcing business partner or an employee report a problem:These are only a few typical scenarios where a ticketing system (also known as task- or issue tracking system) is deployed.


@all: Bei der Grafik sollte gezeigt werden:

  • wer sich über welche Komm.Kanäle mit welchen beispielhaften Anfragen an das Ticketsystem wendet
  • dass das TS darauf Tickets verteilt
  • dass das TS die Vorgänge an die entsprechenden Verantwortlichen verteilt
  • dass jedes Ticket einen Status hat
Basically, a ticketing system is a software that creates a ticket according to the request, the problem or the case. Respectively, the ticket can also be created by an employee. The software assigns the ticket automatically to the responsible department:
The enquiries/request can be submitted by:
  • e-mail
  • contact form
  • online portal
  • phone
  • fax
  • personal contact
The tickets are almost always created digitally, at precisely the moment when an e-mail is sent to a defined address ((support@, heldpdesk@). This procedure is called e-mail to ticket.
The deficits of existing ticketing systems to be considered are undoubtedly that:
  • the respective procedures have often still to be triggered manually.
  • the enrichment of tickets by important information is carried out manually and in many different steps – by human employee who in this time cannot dedicate themselves to more strategic personnel topics.
  • the deployment of Artificial Intelligence is soften limited to chat bots.

How ai-works4u.com’s ticket enrichment accelerates your ticketing system

The enrichment of tickets and the fully automated reading of texts form pictures and scans (Optical Document Recognition ODR) creates an added value especially in ticketing systems. This added value reflects in quicker and more efficient processes and in significant cost saving.This also applies to HR Shared Service Centre (HR SSC) where thousands of documents of internal and external customers arrive every day – as hard copies or PDF, scans, or pics.With deploying our AI-Agents in HR Shared Service Centres these formats are processed consistently, smartly and quickly, thanks to the conjunction of Artificial Intelligence, Optical Document Recognition (ODR) and Ticket Enrichment.

Unsere AI-Agents:

Use Case Adecco: Unsere AI-Agents im Ticket-Enrichment –Einsatz = 30% Ersparnis für Adecco

Mit weltweit ca. 800.000 Mitarbeitern ist Adecco der führende Anbieter im Bereich Arbeitnehmerüberlassung und Personalvermittlung. Der Einsatz unserer AI-Agents im Duisburger Shared Service Center des Markführers führte zur:

  • Einsparung von 15 Vollzeitäquivalenten (FTEs)
  • Bearbeitung von täglich 2.500 Anliegen
  • Archivierung von 5.000 – 7.000 Dokumenten pro Tag

und zum

  • erfolgreichen Abschluss von täglich 9.000 Tickets
Wie unsere AI-Agents Adecco dazu geholfen haben, 30% an Kosten und Aufwänden einzusparen und welche Rolle dabei smarte Links, Klicks und Schnelligkeit spielten, erfahren Sie hier [Adecco Use Case Verlinkung]

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