Employee Self Service (ESS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How the deployment of our smart AI gets the best out of your existing Employee Self Services application

  • ESS with „plug ‘n play“: simple „dock on” on existing HR systems
  • Data protection compliant implementation with e.g., WhatsApp
  • No IT expenditures/ costs for the development of cost-intensive individual apps

Thanks to the seamless integration of our Artificial Intelligence and common messenger apps (e.g., WhatsApp) into existing Employee Self Service applications the self-management of your employees is even simpler and self-explanatory. The operation gets even more intuitive and the handling safer.

With the ESS from aiworks4u.com you benefit from a maximum of efficiency while reducing costs at the same time. Without setting up expensive IT projects.

How does the connection between our AI and the ESS work?

Common ESS applications can be found in more and more companies. This is not surprising since the advantages are of an online-tool-based employee self-management are obvious. Absences and attendances can be viewed, entered, and changed. Personal data can be adapted in real-time, expense reports for business trips and applications for leave can be submitted.

However, Employee Self Service applications „off the rack” suffer from various insufficiencies:

  • Their operation is complex and hardly possible without prior training.
  • Just another new application met with little acceptance by most employees.
  • They have to be set up extensively and expensively integrated into the existing IT infrastructure. This is linked to a great effort for the internal IT department and/or with high costs for external advisers.
  • Uncertainties regarding privacy.

ESS with „plug n‘ play“

With the deployment of our AI-Agents that are connected to existing HR systems via interfaces almost as easy as plug n‘ play, that use established user interface and that can be combined with common and widespread messenger apps like WhatsApp, you can rely on an intuitive user experience and familiar chat features.

The features of already existing Employee Self Service systems remain entirely available and are seamlessly and smartly enhanced with the “AI-factor” – across all devices and 24/7 available.

Employees can manage their personal data in a defined framework by themselves and transmit these data to the HR via the existing ESS. Access rights, authorisations as well es defined user roles (admin, etc.) remain unchanged.

In a short: By integrating our AI-Agents to existing Employee Self Service applications everything remains unchanged and gets at the same time better, quicker, safer and more symbiotic.

How does your company exactly benefit from the deployment of AI in ESS?

The ai-works4u.com AI-Agents you will take your Employee Self Service to the next smarter level.

Thanks to the connection of Artificial Intelligence and common messenger apps the self-management of your employees will become even more simple, self-explanatory, more intuitive regards the operation and safer with respect to the handling. 

What are the exact benefits that result from the interplay of Employee Self Service, our AI-Agents and common messenger apps?

Using exiting infrastructure

  • Messenger apps like WhatsApp (General Data Protection Regulation compliant in Germany), Facebook Messenger and Telegram are installed on nearly all smartphones of your employees and are frequently used.
  • Compatibility with almost all HR sofware products
  • AI-Agents are available 24/7 and chat reliably and friendly with the employees on behalf of the employer.
  • Cost- and time saving since there is no additional development work and no time-consuming registration processes in the respective app stores.
  • „Plug and Play“, as there is no need for interfaces. Data input is done by our AI-Agents by using the already existing user interface.
  • Great acceptance of Employee Self Service from employees as messenger apps like WhatsApp and co. are already part of the well-known “inventory” of their smartphones.

Trust in privacy protection compliance

  • Security of customer data from the cloud as our AI-Agents “sit” in ISO 27001-conform data centres.
  • Data efficiency and data transparency in real-time.

Rely on speed and smart resource use

  • Saving of valuable resources as your HR employees can finally dedicate themselves again to more strategic tasks.
  • Speed and price sensitivity as our AI-Agents are at your disposal within only 8-10 days and at a very competitive price.
Datasheet: How to integrate WhatsApp and other messenger apps into the ESS successfully and compliant with data privacy
Do you want to learn more about how our AI-Agents can become the „voice“ of your HR department? Are you interested in learning how the working together of Artificial Intelligence and messenger apps contributes to taking Employee Self Services to the next level?
Our data sheet provides you with a simple and clear overview on:

Find this and more about how our Artificial Intelligence and messenger apps can be intelligently coupled here.

Basics Employee Self Service: How employees manage themselves

Wouldn’t it be great if employees could manage and edit their attendances, absences, holidays and breaks simply by themselves without any HR assistance and independent form their location?

Wouldn’t it be great if the HR department could make references, certificates of employment or minutes of employee meetings or payroll accounting available for the employees via a simple, intuitive, and secure software?

This not a future scenario but already reality: Employee Self Service that allows your employees to manage their basic and personnel data autonomously and enables the HR to upload certificates with just some simple clicks.

Employee Self Service (ESS) Process and function

If employees:
  • can alter and adapt their basic and personnel data autonomously and independently from time, location, and device.
  • can book or request company cars or company mobile phones.
If HR departments:
  • can upload certificates and documents with just some simple clicks.
  • Have a real-time and quick overview on absences in every single department.
If managers:
  • can look at trainings completed by employees, seminars, or upcoming appointments for employee interviews
  • can shorten time-consuming bureaucratic approval procedures.
the HR department can save valuable time.

This time saving can in turn be used for important tasks like:

  • strategic human resource planning
  • the search for qualified, skilled employees
  • on-boarding of executives and specialists
  • optimization of HR processes

In addition, you benefit from transparency and security because Employee Self Service applications:

  • allow the allocation of defined access authorisations for a determined group of persons.
  • define who can upload what and where and who must approve what.
  • ensure that all persons entitled can make and view adjustments and changes to work-, vacation- and absence times.
  • can be operated 24/7 from anywhere and from any device.

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