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Automation of hr processes as a driver of business

Do your employees still have to carry out a great number of manual operations? Too many questions, processes, topics and issues are still being processed, answered and filed manually in many single steps across various media channels and in different forms?

The lack of AI automation rises the level of frustration among your employees in parallel with the fluctuation rate and a stagnant productivity?

The search for an appropriate up-to-date hr automation software solution proves to be rather difficult as everybody seems to hunt for the “needle in a haystack”?

Are missing Ai-driven hr software and processing data baring the way to an effective and efficient processing of important tasks?

Is there a lack of defined routines and standards for daily courses and tasks?

Do complex processes for coordination and never-ending meetings present an insurmountable barrier to move forward?

Your IT has neither resources nor capacities or solutions to promote the AI-driven automation of hr and business processes in your company?

Do these questions and scenarios seem familiar? Do you want to increase the AI-automation level in your company but don’t know how to tackle this important topic?

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ai-works is AI-automation with "Aha" effect

With the innovative automation solutions of ai-works your business gains momentum with you in the driver seat managing and determining the speed and directions of implementation of our AI solutions.

Based on Artificial Intelligence all hr and business processes can safely be outsourced, streamlined and accelerated thanks to automation that provides impetus to your company.

Thanks to the mutual and seamless cooperation of automation and AI you can again concentrate on your core business and your employees can move on to more challenging and high priority tasks. On the bottom line you benefit from:

✔ A higher level of satisfaction among your workforce
✔ Higher efficiency
✔ Retaining talents and experienced employees
✔ An overall increased attractiveness for talents and professionals
✔ A competitive advantage and development of your own market position

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// How does my company profit?

What are the benefits of ai-works' hr automation?

Accounting cases

per clerk, without automation.

Accounting cases

per clerk, after automation.
// Your specific advantages deploying ai-works

What measurable added values can AI-automation by ai-works create for your hr and business processes?

  • Automated processing of business processes and issues provides consistent quality standards and leads to an increased transparency thanks to better comparability and uniform quality standards.
  • Provision of maintenance-free Cloud-based software that integrates seamlessly in existing infrastructures and applications relieves the internal IT-Department, extends internal IT services and leads to a higher level of efficiency.
  • The AI-automation accelerates all processes thanks to standardized procedures and routines while maintaining higher quality.
  • Support of AI-works-advisors with longstanding experience that will be at your disposal during all phases of our partnership – always at eye level and with a view to your specific requirements.

You want to learn more about how ai-works can help you to take the decisive step towards a higher aurtomation level?

Then we’d like to hear from you and will gladly advise you individually.

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