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AI-Agent's Dashboard Features und Functions

In July 2021, the new partner portal partners.ai-works4u.com was launched as a central platform for all management requirements, information and reporting.

The partner portal provides all information on the customer account, whether invoices, payments or credit notes.

In addition, it is possible to take out new subscriptions, adjust them or even cancel them. In short, everything you need for a smooth business process.

Remaining workingtime

The remaining working time indicates the remaining working time of the AI-Agent’s for the current calendar day. A calendar day is always the time zone in which the customer is located. AI-Agent’s can be assigned between 4H and 24H per day.

Ticket successful rate

  • The ticketsuccessfulrate shows the number of positively processed tickets according to the definition. The target value should always be greater than 80%. Most companies achieve a rate of >92.5% after about 6-8 weeks.
  • When using multiple AI-Agent’s, the rate should be about the same for all of them

Ticket response time

  • The response time specifies the time interval between assignment to the AI-Agent’s until they start processing. An ideal value is usually up to 15 min, maximum up to 120 min. If the value is significantly higher, additional AI-Agent’s are required depending on the SLA.

Ticket processing time

The processing time per ticket shows the time in seconds that an AI-Agent needs from opening the ticket to the finished processing of the desired operation. Depending on the complexity, serious differences can arise here. However, the basic rule is to organize the processes and workflows in such a way that no more than 120 sec are required.

An OCR process with up to three PDF pages, including all subsequent activities, takes about 45 seconds.

Ticket rate

The ticket rate shows the percentage of tickets that could be processed by the AI agents or the issues that are also intended for the AI-Agent’s. A good value here should be above 80%.

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