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For a majority of companies it is becoming increasingly difficult to find appropriate personell and experienced specialist holding key positions to process and execute necessary tasks. In addition, cumbersome business procedures and processes prevent enterprises from to position themselves in a sustainable, future-proof way and efficient way.

Jens Gerlacher, founder of ai-works, made exactly these experiences for over 20 years. Wether in his own HR Shared Service Centers or in large global enterprises: The results remained the same at their core.

Without available and qualified specialist personnel no substantial improvement and progress are  possible.

Driven by the idea to automize issues for his own HR Shared Service Centers and with more than 20 years of in-depth experience in developing software products Jens Gerlacher  in 2018 laid the foundation for ai-works. His vision: the provision of AI-Agents, self-learning accounting clerks based on Artificial Intelligence that take on routine tasks based.

Today, more than 200 internationally operating companies mainly from Asia and Europe put their trust in ai-works’ AI-Agents.

And we are strongly convinced that this only marks the beginning of a unique success story.

ai-works’ time line

February 2018

Persistent negative experience in finding appropriate personell and experienced specialist leads to the idea to create virtual assistants.

March 2018

Jens Gerlacher invests 1 Million EUR in the development of AI-based agents

April 2018

Development of strategic concepts and of first AI-based software tools for AI-Agents prototypes

June 2018

Deployment of AI-Agents in productive environment of HR Shared Service Center

January 2019

Go-Live in several HR Shared Service Centers 

July 2019

Start of major live performance of AI-Agents at a customer with more than 20k employees

January 2020

The idea, the in-depth experience and the gained expertise result in the formation of ai-works.international.

Jens Gerlacher invests EUR 2 million in the further development of the ai-agent's

July 2020

ai-works Middle East FZE is formally founded with its head office in Dubai, the global hot spot of  Artificial Intelligence.

August 2020

Launch of our website www.ai-works4u.com

October 2020

Physical expansion phase 1 completed with offices in Sydney, Düsseldorf, Cape Town, Los Angeles and Brasilia.

December 2020

Strategic decision to market partial functions of the AI agents as independent apps.

January 2021

Strategic partnership with globally active software manufacturers to market the proprietary apps on their internet marketplaces.

February 2021

Launch of the Ticket Enrichment App as the first stand-alone app based on ai- agent's.

March 2021

Billing model is changed to a subscriber basis and customers can now order additional ai-agent's within hours via webportal.

April 2021

1,500 ai-agent's in operation for customers in 17 data centres worldwide.

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