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ai-works: Artificial Intelligence provides high levels of efficiency for HR Shared Service Centers

Automate your HR processes with the implementation of our AI-Agents. ai-works provides a wide range of operations and applications and ensures measurable beneficial effects  for the outsourcing of numerous HR-related processes.

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Introducing our intelligent AI app solutions for market leading case management and ticket systems

Our Artificial-Intelligence-based apps enhance the functions of leading case management and ticket systems seamlessly
and with no extra programming efforts or costs.

You benefit from an fully automated and intelligent in-ticket-enrichment.

Salesforce apps
The range of our Salesforce apps solutions varies from a Salesforce HR app to a Salesforce AI app and a Salesforce ORC app.
Find out how our Salesforce apps help you to streamline your processes.
Salesforce apps
Freshdesk apps
Whatever Freshdesk app solution you need: With our Freshdesk HR app Freshdesk, AI app and a Freshdesk OCR app you have and easy-to-integrate solution to your disposal that perfectly fits your requirements.
Freshdesk apps

ai-works4u.com Salesforce OCR app in moving images

Watch the video to learn more about how your business can benefit
from our Salesforce OCR app.

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Discover the advantages of ai-works

24 / 7

Our AI-Agents are available around the clock and on every day of the year

AI is synonymous with simple integration

Our AI-Agents can basically use all software products at the same level and to the same extent as human personnel can.

The integration into human resources management processes is executed seamlessly and in a timely manner – in favour of cost and resource saving synergy effects.

No programming – no problem

The implementation of our AI-Agents does not require additional programming effort or the costly development of elaborate interfaces.

Instantly functional & immediately applicable

Our AI-Agents are fully operational within a few days and can almost instantaneously start their work on the basis of existing HR programmes and applications such as SAP HCM (PA, PT, PY), DATEV, LOGA, freshdesk or servicenow.

Scalable, service-oriented and quick

Whether you need 1, 10 or 100 AI-Agents – we offer the ideal solution for any need and demand within just 7 (working) days.

AI ensures cost effectiveness

The costs for using one AI-Agent are on average 30% lower than comparable personnel costs.

Responsibility creates trust

Today, more than 200 companies across the world each with more than 5.000 employees already rely on the beneficial effects of ai-works and Artificial Intelligence for HR Shared Service Centers. Their feedback is filtered into continuous performance optimizations and used to permanently increase the range of services of ai-works for HR Shared Service Centers.

AI-Agents from the cloud

Physically, our AI-Agents are located in two redundant technology centres in Dubai (U.A.E.) and in Barcelona (Spain). The provision of services is exclusively provided in the volatile memory of a computer.

Uncompromising safety and security for customer data

ai-works employees have at no time access to customer data. Moreover, no customer data is stored outside customer systems and/or customer networks. This keeps your data confidential and sensitive information remains safe. Anytime.

Routines and motivated employees

Our AI-Agents take care of monotonous work and remove the burden of routine tasks from human employees so they can move on to more challenging and high priority tasks. This boosts the motivation, increases productivity, frees up capacities and enables them to focus more on core business.

Flexibility first

Our AI-Agents take on every challenge entailed by major or minor modifications to the requirements or to the work assignments.

Machines operated with human expertise

Our professional highly qualified and motivated advisors with long-term experience will assist you in every phase of your cooperation/partnership with ai-works and are available at any time for your individual questions about the implementation of our AI-Agents in the HR sector.

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I can't find the right employees for my HR Shared Service Center
and I need support
I want to outsource business processes so that I can concentrate on our core business
and I need support.
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That’s how ai-works‘satisfied customers sound like

Emilia Clarke
WTW, Frankfurt (Germany)
Stefan König, Head of Finance
Since we have been using ai-works’ AI agents the mood and motivation of our employees has considerably improved. The area of responsibilities of our accounting clerks has moved on to more challenging and attractive tasks while the AI-Agents take on mindless and recurring assignments.The decision to ask ai-works for their support was one of the best decisions in the last years.
Emilia Clarke
C&A, Düsseldorf (Germany)
Manager, HR Shared Service Center
ai-works supports us with the accounting of ten thousands of temporary employees per year. Agreements and deadlines are alyways kept and the processing occurs very fast and with an excellent quality. Ai-works responds masterfully to continuous changes.
Emilia Clarke
py-c.group, Slatina (Romania)
Klaudici Zidaru, Manager HR Shared Service Center BASF
We have permanently encountered difficulties finding any suitable applicants for our vacancies. Ai-works. ai-works’s AI-Agents successfully support us since June 2019. As a result the effort for operational activities for our accounting clerks has declined substantially. Meanwhile we stopped searching for applicants and are very pleased about the successful cooperation with ai-works.
Emilia Clarke
Korean, München (Germany)
Marita Moskwa, Manager HR Shared Service Center
As a fast growing company, we are always we continuously require new accounting clerks. In major cities like Munich it is very difficult to to recruit new employees. Since November 2018 we have been using ai-works’ AI agents. Meanwhile these AI-Agents handle more than 60% of all administrative tasks in our Shared Service Center so we don’t need any new employees anymore. The Ai-Agents were ready for use within just 4 weeks. A big thank you to ai-works.
C&A, Braunschweig (Germany)
Manager, HR Shared Service Center
Day by day our HR Shared Service Center receives many thousands of documents by post and email. ai-works helps us to automatically identify these documents, to sort them by transactions, distribute them digitally and archive them electronically. As a result we were able to significantly reduce the processing time and to stop manual distribution of post.
py-c.group, Barcelona (Spain)
Carlos Balderas Garcia, Manager HR Shared Service Center
Before using ai-works‘AI-Agents we realized around 350 accounting cases per accounting clerk. Today, we realize more than 1.100 accounting cases and increased our productivity by over 300%. A huge thank you to ai-works and their consultants.

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